Naturally Anti-Microbial

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation


Forgot to Use Inhaler for Stubborn Asthma/COPD


"I have been diagnosed with chronic asthma/COPD and chronic sinusitis, and struggled for years through many drug treatments and sinus surgery. A few weeks ago I started taking Immune Rebalancer and Botano Guard. As I was concentrating only on being able to breathe clearly, I wasn't aware until recently that I don't need my inhaler Advair. It was about ten days before I noticed that I hadn't used it all it, and it was quite surprising to realize the impact of the herbs. "  [read more]


~Ann C.

Loss of Voice (Laryngitis) After a Cold


"While in college during fall quarter, I came down with a cold despite never being sick for years. However, even after my sickness, I still had a very bad cough and an itchy, dry throat. I would cough nonstop throughout the day, and at night, I would be kept up by my coughs. A week later, I developed laryngitis and almost lost my voice.


Fortunately, my friend mailed me some of WinVivo's Botano Throat lozenges, which immensely helped in controlling my coughs…" [read more]


~Michaela L.

Gluten intolerance seemed lowered


"Growing up it seems that I’m allergic to everything—perfume, smoke, MSG, dairy, gluten, you name it! As I get older, my allergies get even worse. Eating out with friends and family becomes a social burden on all of us, as I have to carefully pick the restaurant and the food to avoid those allergens." [read more]


~Peter M.

Getting rid of nagging cough after a NASTY cold


"WinVivo’s Botano Throat helped me to get rid of that nagging cough after a NASTY cold. I am keeping a supply on hand for next winter." [read more]


~Linda A.

Solved my long-standing problem of winter coughs


"When it comes to food or personal care products, I definitely prefer natural ingredients. Botano Throat is very appealing to me: It not only is made of herbs and fruits but also seems to be targeting nagging coughs and laryngitis, which had been haunting me for so many years… I found that I could take the lozenges during the day at work and managed to go through meetings without much coughing. At night I would put a pouch of the lozenges on the night stand, and took one lozenge when I started to get an itchy throat in the middle of the night."  [read more]


~Meg A.

My All Natural Health Insurance


"My career takes me all over the world in a fast and furious pace. As the host and executive producer of travel films and two travel radio programs, it was common for me to be drained of energy and under the weather with colds/flu from the hitting the road, running on location and then back in the studio producing a show that is nonstop.


Every morning I enjoy opening two capsules into hot water to make my ‘special herbal tea.’ On those days when I am taxing my system more, especially when traveling, I would take additional capsules. It is as easy as that. I feel that it has become my ‘all natural insurance’ to maintain and improve my health. " [read more]


~Sandy D.

Well Guarded During 14 Flights


"This spring I was on two back-to-back trips to Asia in 42 days, taking 14 flights in total. On the long flight to Asia there were people constantly coughing and sneezing, including some sitting just a few seats away from me. Although I have been regularly taking Botano Guard - 2 capsules a day to keep my immune system in good condition. This grim situation inside a closed environment made me quite worried..."  [read more]


~Shirley C.

Save Me from Sinus Surgery


"I have had chronic sinusitis and asthma for 5 years. It was getting so bad that I developed fungal sinusitis and polyps. The doctors told me surgery was my only option...About 3 months ago, I found Botano Guard through my Aunt’s advice and started taking 4 capsules a day. Because the doctors were intent on doing surgery, I at least felt like I had nothing to lose if I started taking some Botano Guards every day. Within two weeks, I was feeling a change in my cough, it was loosening up and I felt good."  [read more]


~Sherry G.

I Could Not Afford to be Sick on the Road


"In this economy I did not want to take the risk of taking frequent personal time off to recuperate from travel fatigue and sickness. When my friend, a savvy international business traveler, told me about his experience of using the WinVivo Botano Guard, I was very curious to try."  [read more]


~Jackie H.

Botano Guard is Guarding Me Well, Indeed


"Having seen (as a medical professional) and experienced (as a patient) the side effects of drugs, I have not taken any antibiotics for about 10+ years. Naturally, I was very glad to find Botano Guard, an effective botanical alternative to antibiotics or antivirals."  [read more]


~2 Boys’ Mom

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