Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

There are so many “natural health” products out there claiming great health benefits, why should I choose WinVivo products?

Just as not all that glitters is gold, not all natural health products will provide you the health benefits they claim. In fact, many of these products appear to be random combinations of many unrelated ingredients with whatever the latest “hot” nutrient/herb with no particular logic or scientific basis behind their products.  [read more]


How do I know it is safe to take WinVivo products?

Let the facts speak for themselves. Our products contain botanical ingredients that are vegetables, fruits, tea, or combinations thereof. These ingredients have all been widely consumed by people in Asia, especially in China, Japan and Korea.  [read more]


Why did WinVivo develop Botano Guard?

We developed Botano Guard to help ourselves keep a well-balanced immune system as our first line of defense, and at the same time, as a preemptive strike against harmful germs by “nipping them in the bud.” This way, we can win our battle without suffering collateral damage caused by the “friendly fire” of strong medicine. [read more]


Why did WinVivo develop Botano Throat?

Because we couldn’t find anything better for ourselves, our friends and family. Here is Dr. Shirley Chen, our CEO’s personal story behind the development of this product: [read more]


I have asthma and would like to get better with a natural remedy -- What do I do?

Our customers report back to us that they have used both Botano Guard to control bronchial inflammation and Immune Rebalancer to relieve symptoms of wheezing and shortness of breath. You may start taking 2-3 capsules of Botano Guard and 2-3 capsules of Immune Rebalancer once or twice per day, and should feel the effects within 7-14 days.  [read more]


I have been diagnosed with a COPD and I would like to manage it naturally -
Can I use your products for that?

Yes, you could try. Some of our users swear by the effective anti-bacterial, immune boosting activities of Botano Guard that help them stay away from inevitable antibiotic treatments and reliance on inhalers. 
[read more]


Naturally Anti-Microbial

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation
Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation

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