Botano Guard

Systemic Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial Natural Therapy

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Contains 60 capsules (30 servings) in 2 re-sealable pouches


Botanical ingredients include:
Shiitake mushroom, reishi mushroom, Japanese honeysuckle, chameleon plant, ilex

Botano Guard Benefits:

Designed to help maintain a robust yet balanced immune system with:

  • Mushroom essence to strengthen the immune defense
  • Naturally anti-inflammatory botanicals to help
    regulate over-reaction of the immune system
  • Anti-microbial botanical agents to fight pathogens
  • Synergistic botanical combination helps the body re-establish a healthy immune balance and to calm chronic tissue inflammation internally and externally, including skin inflammation such as  and eczema, psoriasis and herpes simplex/zoster.

How It Works:

Botano Guard™ capsules deliver a synergistic combination of natural immune boosters with anti-inflammatory, broad-spectrum antiviral and antibacterial botanicals to build and maintain a healthy, robust immune system. The botanicals used by WinVivo have been tested by time over a thousand years of human dietary consumption, and more importantly, their biological effectivenesss has been validated by current scientific research.


How You May Use Botano Guard:

  • For routine maintenance or regular support of your immune system, take 2 capsules once a day.
  • When tissue/skin inflammation flares up, take 2-4 capsules each time, 2-3 times a day.

Exemplary User Experiences


Male, Age 43

History: Had psoriasis for over 10 years; Been treated with prescription topical and oral steroids of increasing potency; Undergone phototherapy; Tried homeopathics and herbal remedies; Lastly treated with Enbrel.

Treatment: Took Botano Guard at 2x3 capsules/day for 3 months; then at 2x2 capsules/day for the next 3 months.


















Whole-body Eczema
"...I found WinVivo’s healing balm first, which I eagerly applied to the eczema lesions on my cheeks, the neck, and the joints...In some areas application of the balm to the wound and covering them with gauze or bandaids would repair the lesions overnight. ...Interestingly I found that taking the Botano Guard capsules 2-4 a day can gave my whole body eczema a real relief..."  [read more]

Keep Urinary Tract Infection in Check

"Perhaps due to my stressful work and/or age I seem to get UTI (urinary tract infection) easily. Every time my doctor prescribes antibiotics to me but I am always reluctant to use them because sometimes they give me mysterious fever for days, and sometimes they don’t even work. Frustrated, 3 months ago I got some Botano Guard from a friend and decided to give it a try. I have been taking it for 3 months, 2-3 capsules a day, and interestingly, my “UTI friend” has not bothered me since."  [read more]


For more user experiences, go to "Testimonials - Botano Guard" page


Botanicals in Botano Guard

Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordada)

Both the leaf and root of Chameleon plant are consumed as a vegetable in Vietnam and in Southwest China. Studies have demonstrated that this plant has broad-spectrum anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulating properties.

Ilex (Ilex pubescens)

An ingredient included in our product Botano Guard™, Ilex (Ilex pubescens) belongs to the family of holly plants. Both its root and leaf of ilex have been used in herbal remedies and consumed as tea for health maintenance in South East Asia.

Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica)

Japanese honeysuckle is a popular ingredient of herbal tea in the summer, and has been known for thousands of years for its “cooling” and detoxification effects. Modern scientific studies revealed that this botanical has broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Known for 2000 years as the “medicine of the kings”, the Reishi mushroom has been cherished in Asia for its health promoting benefits and healing power. Modern scientific research has substantiated its beneficial immune regulatory functions.

Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes)

Shiitake mushroom is a favored ingredient in Asian cooking. It not only enhances the flavor of food, but also carries long-cherished nutritional and medicinal benefits such as immune-boosting, antiviral and anticancer activities.

Supplement Facts:


Please be advised that the information presented above is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any disease. Statements made about products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Viewers should not rely solely on the information provided on this web site for their own health problems, and are advised to consult with their physicians or other healthcare providers.

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

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