My All Natural Health Insurance

My career takes me all over the world in a fast and furious pace. As the host and executive producer of travel films and two travel radio programs, it was common for me to be drained of energy and under the weather with colds/flu from the hitting the road, running on location and then back in the studio producing a show that is nonstop.


Living with jetlag and the notion that ‘the show must go on, at all costs,’ I wanted to find a natural way to preserve my health and strengthen my immune system. About a year ago, I started taking Botano Guard which contains the most refined part of immune-building shiitake and reishi mushrooms (which I used previously as a routine health supplement) and 3 additional botanicals to fend off opportunistic infection.


I found that I have been able to maintain a robust health to meet the daily demand of my work. Interestingly, taking Botano Guard for a few months also helped me get rid of small patches of stubborn dermatitis on my skin.


As my schedule ebbs and flows, Botano Guard is always there to protect me and allows me to thrive. I honestly do not know what I would do without this wonderful product. It has become a part of my daily regime. Every morning I enjoy opening two capsules into hot water to make my ‘special herbal tea.’ On those days when I am taxing my system more, especially when traveling, I would take additional capsules. It is as easy as that. I feel that it has become my ‘all natural insurance’ to maintain and improve my health. I recommend the Botano Guard to my listeners and have heard from many of them who have taken my advice and shared my enthusiasm for the product.


—Sandy D.

Naturally Anti-Microbial

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

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