Botano Guard + Botano Throat + WINVIVO Wound Ointment

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Healthy Travel Kit includes:
1 - box Botano Guard;

1 - box Botano Throat;
1 - travel size WINVIVO Wound Ointment

Do You Feel Particularly Vulnerable when Traveling?

  • Studies have shown that passengers may be 100X more likely to catch a cold or a get sinus infection on a plane than in their normal daily lives
  • You have a dry throat and can’t stop coughing on a plane or in a conference room
  • Fatigue, jetlag and stress from traveling all weaken the immune defense, making you more susceptible to opportunistic infection
  • Walking/hiking for too long has left your feet with bloody blisters
  • Mysterious itchy insect bites drive you crazy and leave ugly bumps on your body.

Don't be caught unprepared on the road!


Savvy travelers know that it is absolutely necessary to take preventative measures to ensure health and safety, especially when traveling internationally.


WinVivo created this unique, all natural Healthy Travel kit to address your concerns when traveling, and bring you the comfort and peace of mind on the road. 


The WinVivo Healthy Travel kit includes the following 3 items:


Botano Guard™ (60 oral capsules)

Botano Guard oral capsules are designed to help maintain a robust, balanced immune system in order to reduce the risk of opportunistic infection on the road. Immune-boosting mushroom essences are synergistically combined with broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral botanicals to strengthen the immune defense and proactively inhibit microbial infection in the early stage.


The botanicals in Botano Guard have demonstrated over centuries of human consumption in Asia to promote immune health. More importantly, current scientific research has further validated their safety and effectiveness. Read more about Botano Guard


Suggested Use:

  • Take 2 capsules a day for routine maintenance.
  • Take 3-4 capsules once or twice a day when flying to give an extra boost to the immune system.

Botano Throat™ (30 lozenges)

Botano Throat lozenges are formulated with synergistic botanicals to help healing inflamed tissue and soothing a sore throat in the early stage of upper-respiratory tract infection. They can also quiet lingering coughs caused by cold, flu, allergy, postnasal drip, smoking, air pollution, and dry cabin air. In addition, they can effectively reduce swelling and irritation of the voice box and upper throat to restore impaired vocal function due to laryngitis or pharyngitis.


The refreshing, cooling taste of Botano Throat can also help ease motion sickness while traveling.


Botano Throat is diabetic friendly and sugar-free, just lightly sweetened with low calorie natural sweeteners.


Read more about Botano Throat


Suggested Use:

  • Take 1 lozenge as needed and allow it to slowly dissolve in the mouth.
  • Take 2-3 lozenges at once if needed for faster relief of coughs.
  • Take 1-2 lozenges while in bed to suppress night coughs.

WINVIVO Wound Ointment™ (NET WT 7 g Travel Size)

The WINVIVO Wound Ointment is an all-in-one natural salve clinically proven to be able to heal wounds rapidly and effectively. Its natural botanical ingredients work synergistically to reduce pain and bleeding, suppress inflammation and itch, and prevent infection; and they also promote local micro-circulation to relieve swelling so as to prevent further tissue damage, accelerate wound healing, and minimize scarring.


The WINVIVO Wound Ointment can be used to effectively heal cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, sun/wind burns, cold sores/shingles, insect bites, poison oak/ivy rash, and skin ulcers.


Read more about WINVIVO Wound Ointment


Suggested Use:

  • Clean the wound using water or saline and pat dry;
  • Apply a thick (2-3 mm) layer of the ointment to the adhesive bandage enclosed herein;
  • Dress the wound with a bandage; and
  • Change the dressing every day or every other day.

Exemplary User Experiences


“My work involves a lot of long distance flights and traveling to remote corners of the world. In the past, I have always been susceptible to getting respiratory or sinus infections. I have to say that Botano Guard indeed protected me on my last few trips to Asia, Europe and Africa. The several times when I felt I was coming down with a cold or sinus problems, I doubled my dose and within hours the symptoms were gone. Now I usually make sure to have enough Botano Guard with me before my international trips.”


—Mark Tuschman, international location photographer for 30+ years, documenting global health and development.


“Last spring I was on 2 back-to-back trips from San Francisco to East Asia in 42 days, taking 14 flights in total. My years of experience traveling across the Pacific tell me that during the flu season on those long international flights there will always be someone who seems to cough and sneeze constantly, and that person happens to sit just a few seats from you. Although I had been taking Botano Guard regularly — 2 capsules a day to keep my immune system in good condition, such long and frequent exposures to germs in a closed environment made me quite worried. I could not afford to get sick on these intense business trips.


I decided to take preventive measures by increasing the dosage: taking 4 capsules before a flight, and 2 capsules before bed. Adopting this regimen throughout my hectic trips, I came home in sunny California healthy and energetic.”


—Shirley Chen, PhD, Esq, founder CEO of WinVivo Corp.


“I travel extensively, taking 2-4 international trips per year, often to less developed areas. My last few international trips include Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya. My experience with WinVivo’s Botano Guard started when I got sick and missed a non-profit networking event in the Bay Area. I was given this botanical product to try. Surprisingly I bounced back the next day!


Since then I have been taking BG every day for 2 years now, just 1 capsule a day. If I am going to be flying or if I feel I’m coming down with something, I will take a little bit extra. I am not the most robust person in the world, so it takes a lot to keep me steady. Botano Guard really helps, I have not been sick for these 2 years.”


—Suzanne Skees, founder & director of the Skees Family Foundation, global philanthropist.


Excerpts from an interview by Travel Talk Media at:


“In July 2011, we had a 21-day Environmental Expedition on Cordillera Blanca, the highest mountain in Peru. We were living and working at elevations over 13,000 feet and climbing to over 20,000 feet.


One of the biggest challenges at such high altitudes, besides just breathing and staying generally healthy, is to keep your throat healthy. Most of us usually wind up with a very dry sore throat and dry coughs. On this expedition I was taking the Botano Throat lozenges quite continuously. The minute I felt a scratch, I was on the throat lozenges from WinVivo. The thing I loved about them – that they did not leave that yucky taste in your mouth you get from a lot of lozenges. And they did do the job, because I did not have any serious throat problems.


We also know that low oxygen levels on high altitudes impede wound healing. Before this trip we made sure that we carry the WinVivo Healing Balm as part of the first-aid kit. Indeed, we found that the Healing Balm really helped with healing blisters, bruises/scrapes, sunburns, and insect bites during our climbs.”


—Ellen Lapham,serial high tech entrepreneur, board director of the American Alpine Club, avid mountain climber (who climbed to Mt. Everest North Ridge in 1989) and international traveler.


Excerpts from an interview by Travel Talk Media at:


“There were a lot of wounds [in the rural areas of Nigeria] that were very large and they had been around for a long time. We had one patient with a very large wound that we treated with the WinVivo Healing Balm. We came back in a week to check on him, and there was a noticeable improvement. The balm definitely worked. We visited 11 villages and used the Healing Balm for a variety of sores – boils, all kinds of sores that I have never seen before, and WinVivo was there for all of them – It was amazing! It is such a multipurpose wound care ointment.”


—Barbara McCoy, RN with 41 years of experience, on a 10-day medical mission in rural areas of Nigeria.


Excerpts from an interview by Travel Talk Media at:


“My career takes me all over the world in a fast and furious pace. As the host and executive producer of travel films and two travel radio programs, it was common for me to be drained of energy and under the weather with colds/flu from the hitting the road, running on location and then back in the studio producing a show that is nonstop.


Living with jetlag and the notion that ‘the show must go on, at all costs,’ I wanted to find a natural way to preserve my health and strengthen my immune system. About a year ago, I started taking Botano Guard which contains the most refined part of immune-building shiitake and reishi mushrooms (which I used previously as a routine health supplement) and 3 additional botanicals to fend off opportunistic infection.


I found that I have been able to maintain a robust health to meet the daily demand of my work. Interestingly, taking Botano Guard for a few months also helped me get rid of small patches of stubborn dermatitis on my skin.


As my schedule ebbs and flows, Botano Guard is always there to protect me and allows me to thrive. I honestly do not know what I would do without this wonderful product. It has become a part of my daily regime. Every morning I enjoy opening two capsules into hot water to make my 'special herbal tea.' On those days when I am taxing my system more, especially when traveling, I would take additional capsules. It is as easy as that. I feel that it has become my 'all natural insurance policy' to maintain and improve my health. I recommend the Botano Guard to my listeners and have heard from many of them who have taken my advice and shared my enthusiasm for the product.”


—Sandy Dhuyvetter, TV/Radio host & producer, international tourism expert

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

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