What is WinVivo?

WinVivo is an innovative natural health care company based in Silicon Valley.  Our international team of biomedical professionals combines the best from the East and West to develop highly effective natural health, skin and wound care products from botanicals with their health benefits demonstrated over centuries of use in Asia and such functions validated by modern scientific research. 

WinVivo's products can be used as long-term sustainable natural remedies for promoting the body's innate ability to heal.  [read more]

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We are working with professionals who share the same passion for promoting sustainable health and wellness and bringing the benefits of natural health to many in need:

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WinVivo harnesses the synergistic healing power of botanicals to develop high performance natural products targeting root causes of chronic health problems involving persistent tissue inflammation.  In particular, WinVivo combines immunoregulatory mushroom essence with naturally anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial botanicals to restore a healthy immune balance and the body's natural defense against infection.

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