Naturally Anti-Microbial
Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to AllergensBOTANO GUARD + IMMUNE REBALANCER:
Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

Travel Health and Safety Testimonials

My All Natural Health Insurance


"My career takes me all over the world in a fast and furious pace. As the host and executive producer of travel films and two travel radio programs, it was common for me to be drained of energy and under the weather with colds/flu from the hitting the road, running on location and then back in the studio producing a show that is nonstop.


Every morning I enjoy opening two capsules into hot water to make my ‘special herbal tea.’ On those days when I am taxing my system more, especially when traveling, I would take additional capsules. It is as easy as that. I feel that it has become my ‘all natural insurance’ to maintain and improve my health. " [read more]


~Sandy D.

A Global Philanthropist’s Experience on Healthy Travel


"I travel extensively, taking 2-4 international trips per year, often to less developed areas. My last few international trips include Egypt, Tanzania and Kenya. My experience with WinVivo’s Botano Guard started when I got sick and missed a non-profit networking event in the Bay Area. I was given this botanical product to try. Surprisingly I bounced back the next day! " [read more]


~Suzanne  S.

I Could Not Afford to be Sick on the Road


"In this economy I did not want to take the risk of taking frequent personal time off to recuperate from travel fatigue and sickness. When my friend, a savvy international business traveler, told me about his experience of using the WinVivo Botano Guard, I was very curious to try."  [read more]


~Jackie H.

Avid Mountain Climber’s First Aid Kit


"In July 2011, we had a 21-day Environmental Expedition on Cordillera Blanca, the highest mountain in Peru. We were living and working at elevations over 13,000 feet and climbing to over 20,000 feet.


One of the biggest challenges at such high altitudes, besides just breathing and staying generally healthy, is to keep your throat healthy. Most of us usually wind up with a very dry sore throat and dry coughs. On this expedition I was taking the Botano Throat lozenges quite continuously… " 

[read more]


~Ellen L., serial high tech entrepreneur, avid mountain climber

(who climbed to Mt. Everest North Ridge in 1989)

Well Guarded During 14 Flights


"This spring I was on 2 back-to-back trips from San Francisco to East Asia in 42 days, taking 14 flights in total. My years of experience traveling across the Pacific tell me that during the flu season on those long international flights there will always be someone who seems to cough and sneeze constantly, and that person happens to sit just a few seats from you. Although I had been taking Botano Guard regularly — 2 capsules a day to keep my immune system in good condition, such long and frequent exposures to germs in a closed environment made me quite worried..."  [read more]


~Shirley C.

Traveling Much Easier This Time


"I love traveling around the world exploring interesting cultures and learning from indigenous people how they live simple, sustainable lifestyles, in harmony with their surrounding environments. One drawback of this is that I sometimes get sick while traveling, catching cold/flu, diarrhea, which would disrupt my plan and inconvenience my traveling companion or local host. This time I bought some Botano Guard ..."  [read more]


~Sophie D.

Sore Throat After Traveling


"I was traveling all over the place for work in the last 2 weeks and came home with a sore throat and aching body. Usually I would just tough it out, but I couldn’t afford being sick or lose my voice as I was scheduled to host a major event in this holiday season. My wife gave me some new lozenges to try. After taking the Botano Throat lozenges for a little more than 1 day, my throat felt normal again." 
[read more]


~Dennis J.

My Perfect Wake-Up Candy


"Recently I got some Botano Throat lozenges from my friend who takes them to soothe her itchy throat due to allergy. I don’t have allergy but often feel that my throat is dry/scratchy, especially in the morning. I heard that the lozenges are made of sugar-free..." [read more]


~Stephanie T.

Botano Guard is Guarding Me Well, Indeed


"Having seen (as a medical professional) and experienced (as a patient) the side effects of drugs, I have not taken any antibiotics for about 10+ years. Naturally, I was very glad to find Botano Guard, an effective botanical alternative to antibiotics or antivirals."  [read more]


~2 Boys’ Mom

Surprisingly Effective for Motion Sickness


"I grabbed 2 lozenges, put them in my mouth and sucked on them like a baby. The fresh, cooling sensation quickly calmed me down, and the zesty, light sweetness drove away the nausea in just a few minutes. I survived the rest of the trip without causing “accidents” in the car."  [read more]


~Kaitlyn W.

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