Naturally Anti-Microbial

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation
Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation


Fast recovery


"Botano Throat helped me get over my cough from cold in 3 days rather than 2 weeks. It also helped me get over my overall cold symptoms faster."  [read more]



Natural Throat Lozenges for Professional Speaker


"Thank you Botano Throat for helping me realize that taking my speaking to the next level means protecting my most prized possession: my voice. Botano Throat IS A MUST if you're speaking regularly! "  [read more]


~Josephine H.

Not So Susceptible to Germs Anymore


"I consider myself a healthy person, except when it comes to colds and flu. If someone suffering from a cold or flu sits next to me in a meeting or chats with me when we run into each other in the hallway, for sure I would catch whatever pathogenic germs and viruses that person has. No matter how careful I try to be, I just could not avoid this from happening to me... "  [read more]


~Gary N.

Early springtime is always miserable for me


“Early springtime is always miserable for me. My allergies made me cough day and night for weeks and the usual cough drugs and cough candies couldn’t help much. This spring I got Botano Throat lozenges, and when I sucked the lozenges, I did not cough and my throat felt soothed. The light-sweet flavor is very pleasant and I know it’s sugar-free. What a thoughtful design on the part of WinVivo! Who wants to eat sugary cough candy everyday?”  [read more]


~Kim Y.

Knocked Down Stress-Induced Hives


"He started by taking Botano Guard and Immune Rebalancer, 3 capsules of each, twice a day. Within 4 days, the big patches of hives that have been bothering him for a month gradually disappeared. " 
[read more]


~Wendy & Michael M.

Getting Rid of Headache from Work Stress


"Day in and day out I am roaming around meeting vendors and dealing with many thorny issues that just drive me nuts. I often worry that my hectic stressful work will take a toll on my health but I don’t want to start taking any drug. Plus, my annual physical check up reveals nothing wrong with me. But I suspect that my immune system is not strong as before. Since last month I have been taking Botano Guard regularly to boost my immune system..."  [read more]


~Waverly T.

My throat was on fire


"I am a high school teacher. Heavy loads of work often stress me out and constant talking (sometimes yelling in class) has left me with chronic laryngitis. It’s got worse recently. I felt that my throat was on fire. It was really very painful to talk but I had to continue teaching classes. Thank goodness that I found Botano Throat. After I took 9 or 10 lozenges continuously for 3 days, the symptoms were gone. I will keep these lozenges handy in case."  [read more]


~Lisa R.

My Perfect Wake-Up Candy


"Recently I got some Botano Throat lozenges from my friend who takes them to soothe her itchy throat due to allergy. I don’t have allergy but often feel that my throat is dry/scratchy, especially in the morning. I heard that the lozenges are made of sugar-free..."  [read more]


~Stephanie T.

Busy Mom's Life Saver


"I have young children (ages 3 and 5) that are constantly bring home colds and runny noses from school and daycare. I seem to always get their colds. This winter my husband got the cold first and was coughing for weeks. Then I got the same cold and started coughing. My husband brought home some Botano Throat." [read more]



Getting Rid of Headache Naturally


"For a long time I have tried to find natural alternatives to prescription drugs for minor or chronic problems. But when it comes to headache, I usually “tough it out,” or resort to taking some Tylenol or Advil when the headache gets unbearable. However, these OTC drugs make me drowsy during the day and I worry about their side effects on my digestive system. When I heard that Botano Guard has a combination of immune-boosting..."  [read more]


~Nanette P.

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