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WINVIVO Wound Ointment (formerly the "WINVIVO Healing Balm") Testimonials

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"Next morning I opened the bandage, the rashes dried up and the inflammation subsided. With another application of the balm overnight the rashes were all gone! " [read more]


~Shirley C.

Stubborn Hand Eczema Healed Overnight


"I have been suffering from eczema on my right ring finger for years. It usually comes when the stress is up and goes away on its own in a few days or a couple of weeks. Lately, my eczema started getting worse - in addition to itching and scaling, I would develop a few deep, cut like lesions, where you can see the red ‘meat.’ So I applied a generous amount of WinVivo Healing Balm ..." [read more]


~Regina G.

The Balm Healed a Weird Cyst on My Forehead


"I dabbed a thick layer of the balm on the pea-sized cyst on my forehead and did not cover it as my hair band could hide the balm patch… In a week, I noticed that the top of the skin on the cyst was getting a little caked. A week and a half later the size of the cyst was reduced by half. The edges were shrinking and then starting to fall off, like a scab! "  [read more]


~Georgia D.

Healed My Fungal Infected Heel


"I love sports and hate wearing sneakers. This is because I have had fungal infection on my right foot for many years and wearing anything other than sandals would make it worse—itching, blistering, and cracking, painful and looking disgusting…After using the balm for a few days, I noticed that the dead skin fell off and the new skin quickly regenerated. The balm also killed the blisters. Now, my foot is slowly recovering back to the way it has been years ago."  [read more]


~Jasmine H.

Got Rid of a Mystery Red Spot


"For about 6 months I have had a reddish spot the size of the nickel on my chest…One day my girlfriend noticed that and bugged me to deal with it. We got some sample of the WinVivo healing balm and dabbed it on my mystery red spot on my chest every night. A week later, the spot I have had for over 6 months was gone." [read more]


~Zack J.

Poison Oak/Ivy


"The relief to itching was far more immediate and lasting than Chamomile, Witch hazel, or Tecnu. Furthermore, the drying and healing of the rash and blisters was faster than all traditional products that I used." [read more]


~Patrick S.

My Swollen Joint Could Move Again


"Two weeks ago I hurt my right knee by hitting on a metal part. Boy—it was painful! My knee got so swollen and stiff that I couldn’t walk without suffering a lot of pain… My wife’s friend brought a jar of some Healing Balm, smeared a thick layer of the burgundy paste on my knee, and then bandaged it with a piece of gauze and tape… I kept the bandage on for 2 days, and to my surprise most of the swelling was gone and I could move my leg without much pain. I couldn’t believe it worked so fast!" [read more]


~Robert B.

Soothed the Sunburn on My Head


"I was bike-riding outside for about 6-7 hours and forgot to wear a hat. (I also don't have any hair on my head.) When I got back home, I got the worst sunburn. As I had used the Healing Balm for other topical issues and it worked really well, I smeared the balm on my head. In three days, my scalp was totally healed." [read more]


~Marcus G.

How Fast the Wound Healed!


"My wife has a bad habit: she always puts the knives facing up in the dish rack to dry. One day, I tried fetching a fork from the rack and the knife cut my finger. Ouch! It was pretty deep, but I didn’t need stitches. She freaked out when she saw the blood and immediately grabbed a WinVivo Healing Balm sample she just recently got… Next morning when I took off the bandage, I couldn’t believe what I saw: the cut was almost completely closed! " [read more]


~Larry D.

Cold Sore Disappeared Without Scar


"I have been battling with my cold sores for many years. I tried using high doses of B vitamin complex. It worked. But, with the dose I was using I experienced a bit of heart problem. I had to reduce the dosage but now my cold sores start to come back, especially when I am under a lot of stress. I discovered the WinVivo Healing Balm at the San Francisco Green Festival and used it for my big cold sore for the 3rd time: two on the top of my lips and one on the bottom."  [read more]



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