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For many years I’ve always got this annoying sensitivity to nickel and synthetic fabric. During the summer if I wear a watch with a nickel-containing band or necklace with a nickel clasp, I would predictably develop itchy rashes on my neck and on my wrist. Initially maximum strength hydrocortisone could clear the rashes quickly but then they stop working no matter how many times I put it on. The steroid cream has also left ugly blemishes on my body, darkening and thinning my skin.  When I got hold of the WinVivo healing balm, first I tried it on my wrist with weeping, itchy rashes. I generously smeared the balm onto the area and covered it with a large-size BandAid overnight. Next morning I opened the bandage, the rashes dried up and the inflammation subsided. With another application of the balm overnight the rashes were all gone!  During the whole summer whenever I feel the itch on my body I would dab a little bit of the balm onto the area. My skin never looks so clear.


-Shirley C.


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