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WINVIVO Wound Ointment (formerly the "WINVIVO Healing Balm") Testimonials

Eczema between fingers


"Tried WinVivo Balm on my eczema between fingers. Never had used anything that really worked. This did and I was amazed. " [read more]


~J from HB, CA

Better than Polysporin for My Toe Injury


"It probably needed stitches but I decided to try the new WinVivo Healing Balm that I had just gotten and heard that it has amazing healing qualities for very serious wounds or traumatic skin conditions. I covered the wound with the Balm (which looks like a delicious chocolate mousse) and bandaged it. After a couple of days I was amazed at the way the wound closed..." [read more]


~Heather F.

How can I buy stock in this company?


"How can I buy stock in WinVivo with this miracle product? I burned my hand taking rolls out of the oven. I remembered I had some salve I had tried a few weeks earlier on a rash I get from pulling weeds in my garden. Anyway, I iced my hand for five mins then put it on and covered it with gauze. About five hours later when I removed it for a look, it was almost healed. Put it on one more time and it was gone. "  [read more]


~B from Little Elm, TX

Face is now clear


"How does this work? I had a monthly break out on my face which usually lasts 4 or 5 days. I tried your balm on it. I applied 3 times one day and they were starting to vanish. By the end or the 2nd day, my face was clear. No redness or sores. I'm now a believer." [read more]


~T from Pasadena, CA

Weepy, Itchy Contact Dermatitis Finally Gone


"When I got hold of the WinVivo Healing Balm, first I tried it on my wrist with weeping, itchy rashes. I generously smeared the balm onto the area and covered it with a large-size bandaid overnight. Next morning I opened the bandage, the rashes dried up and the inflammation subsided. With another application of the balm overnight the rashes were all gone!" [read more]


~Shirley C.

Healing Balm is My Favorite First Aid!


"I have started using the WinVivo Healing Balm on myself first for my eczema, and soon it became my favorite all-in-one first aid jar. I always have a small container of it in my purse. It takes pain away in 10-20 minutes; it heals faster; it takes care of inflammation and infection and I do not have to change it so often – how convenient is that! " [read more]


~Regina G.

Woodworking scrapes heal faster


"I would not have guessed that this product would have actually worked and so fast, but it does. I get lots of scrapes and cuts doing woodworking. I was told to use this balm and see if they heal faster. My hands and arms look and feel so much better. Gave some to my wife as she does stained glass and gets a couple cuts and dry cracks. Well, it worked good for her too. Good staple for our medicine cabinet. " [read more]


~C&J from Allen, TX

Skin Rash/Insect Bite


"This is the first time I was able to get rid of bite in just two and a half days. Three of them were gone in little over 1 day without a mark. The other two were healed completely a day later. The balm was cooling and soothing and stopped the itch quickly." [read more]


~Nicole T.

Healed a boil


"Thought I had a bite as a large red bum appeared on my arm. It was red and swollen. Went to doctor and was told it was a boil and given an anti biotic and hydrocortisone cream. The thing left a purple pealing mess after a week. So I tried this cream from Winvivo. Wow what a surprise -- gone in a couple days. Great product."  [read more]


~D from Plano, TX

Made my acne look better


"It really made my acne look better. My mother was right. I don't know how she struck up a conversation at the drug store with this lady that gave her a sample for me to try, but I am happy with the results." [read more]


~A from Frisco, TX

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