Healed My Fungal Infected Heel

I love sports and hate wearing sneakers. This is because I have had fungal infection on my right foot for many years and wearing anything other than sandals would make it worse—itching, blistering, and cracking, painful and looking disgusting. I’ve tried many products to no avail. Desperate to find a product that works, I asked many people and found the WinVivo Healing Balm.


Every night I smeared the pink balm on my heel and wore a sock to keep it from being rubbed away. During the day I just applied a thick layer and wore sandals. Fortunately the balm has a near skin-tone color; nobody noticed that. After using the balm for a few days, I noticed that the dead skin fell off and the new skin quickly regenerated. The balm also killed the blisters. Now, my foot is slowly recovering back to the way it has been years ago. This balm has been the most effective product I've ever used.


—Jasmine H.


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