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Known for 2000 years as the “medicine of the kings”, the Reishi mushroom has been cherished in Asia for its health promoting benefits and healing power. Modern scientific research has substantiated its beneficial immune regulatory functions.

A key ingredient in Botano Guard™ and Immune Rebalancer, Reishi mushroom is one of the oldest mushrooms. Reishi mushroom is a polypore mushroom, soft (when fresh), corky, and flat. It has a conspicuous red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap and, depending on specimen age, white to dull brown pores underneath. It lacks gills on its underside and releases its spores through fine pores, leading to its morphological classification as a polypore.

Traditional Uses of Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

  • According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database , Reishi mushroom is used for enhancing
    the immune system, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, viral infections such as the flu (influenza), swine flu,
    avian flu, cancer, inflammatory disease, cardiovascular disease, and asthma and bronchial diseases.
  • It is also used orally for reducing stress, kidney disease, hepatitis and liver disease, HIV/AIDS, altitude
    sickness, and supporting chemotherapy.
  • Other oral uses include preventing fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), insomnia, gastric ulcers,
    neurasthenia, poisoning, post-herpetic neuralgia, and herpes zoster pain. In combination with other
    herbs,  reishi mushroom is used to treat prostate cancer.

Modern Research - Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

  • There has been a significant amount of scientific and clinical research conducted all over the world that
    demonstratate this mushroom’s immunity-enhancing, immune-therapeutic and anti-cancer effects, as
    well as direct antiviral and antibacterial effects.

WinVivo uses Reishi Mushroom in products that address the following Health Concerns:

Articles about this botanical

Are you ready for a world without antibiotics?

Antibiotics are a bedrock of modern medicine. But in the very near future, we're going to have to learn to live without them once again. And it's going to get nasty.

Inhibitory Activity Against HIV-1 Protease (Reishi Mushroom)

Two new lanostane-type triterpenes, lucidumol A and ganoderic acid beta, were isolated from the spores of Ganoderma (G.) lucidum, together with a new natural one and seven that were known.

Review of Anticancer Effects of Reishi Mushroom

"Lingzhi" (Ganoderma lucidum), a popular medicinal mushroom, has been used in China for longevity and health promotion since ancient times. Investigations into the anticancer activity of lingzhi have been performed in both in vitro and in vivo studies, supporting its application for cancer treatment and prevention.

Review of Cellular and Physiological Effects of Shiitake Mushroom and Reishi Mushroom

These mushrooms contain a large variety of biologically active polysaccharides with immunostimulatory properties, which contribute to their anticancer effects.

Review of Therapeutic Effects of Shiitake Mushroom and Reishi Mushroom

This review highlights some of the recently isolated and identified substances of higher Basidiomycetes mushrooms origin that express promising antitumor, immune modulating, cardiovascular and hypercholesterolemia, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic effects.

Products containing this botanical

Botano Guard

Botano Guard™ capsules deliver a synergistic combination of natural immune boosters with broad-spectrum antiviral and antibacterial herbs that, together, build defensive and offensive protection against harmful microorganisms.


Immune Rebalancer

Immune Rebalancer capsules deliver a synergistic combination of botanicals that naturally regulate the immune system to de-sensitize your body to a broad spectrum of allergens.



Naturally Anti-Microbial

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation

Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

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