Whole-Body Eczema

I have had eczema all over my body for 26 years and always depended on steroids to keep my outbreaks in control. The problem with taking steroids is that my eczema always came back, and sometimes it seemed as if it came back with a vengeance! For the last 10 years I have been looking for alternatives to help alleviate my symptoms, and have tried many different herbal remedies offered in natural product stores and from herbal doctors. Unfortunately none of them gave me any significant relief, and I had to get back onto my “steroid treadmill.” 


Half a year ago I found WinVivo’s healing balm first, which I eagerly applied to the eczema lesions on my cheeks, the neck, and the joints. Wow, the balm helped heal my open wounds quickly! In some areas application of the balm to the wound and covering them with gauze or bandaids would repair the lesions overnight. I was able to stop using topical steroids immediately. 


Interestingly I found that taking the Botano Guard capsules 2-4 a day can gave my whole body eczema a real relief, perhaps due to the systemic anti-inflammatory effects of the botanicals in the capsules? This summer I could actually sleep through the hot nights without scratching myself bloody all over the body!  Now I can finally see the real healthy, supple skin of my neck gradually revealed after being covered by those leathery, ugly scales for so many years.


Katherine G.


Multi-Functional Botanical Therapy
Synergy for Eradicating
Eczema Root Causes

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