Long-Term Toe Ulcers Finally Healed

I have Rheumatoid arthritis and Raynauds Syndrome that render my fingers and toes raw and prone to cracking. About 14 years ago my toes got frostbites as I was cleaning up the front porch of my lumber yard on a very cold day. The toes have become very sensitive and painful. In particular, the 4th toe of my left foot cracked and developed an ulcer that stayed open for a long time until my doctor treated me w/ Winvivo ointment at a wound care center.


For 3 weeks I have used Winvivo to soothe my raw fingers and toes, and dressed the ulcer on the 4th toe with the ointment. For my hands and toes Winvivo could reduce the pain almost overnight, and I was so thrilled to find that the ulcer on my toe finally healed! My doctor who has tried previously to treat my ulcer with other wound dressings was delighted that Winvivo made a big difference!




—Patient Anonymous





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