[Background: male, age 65, type 2 diabetic since age 40. Six years ago his left lower leg was amputated below the knee due to non-healing gangrenous diabetic ulcer of the 5th toe and bone infection. His right heel had a recurring ulcer that 8 years ago took 150 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen treatments in 22 months to close, and now an ulcer developed again on the same spot on the heel.]


I would like to report some very good news. I have been using the Winvivo wound ointment for a full 3 weeks now, w/ dressing change every 3 days. This morning at the nursing clinic, the nurse who had not seen the wound for a week was totally amazed at the transformation! I am very excited about this……


[4 Weeks later] When my doctor examined the heel for the ulcer, her first reaction was “Where is it?” . . . then, “OH, there it is . . . it’s so small!!!! This is amazing!” From the size of small egg to the size of a dime, she said.


Everyone here is VERY interested in this product!!


—Patient Anonymous


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