I Cannot Believe How Fast My Ulcers Healed

I’m diabetic and also have cardiovascular diseases.  A year ago I stepped on a nail and the punch wound developed bone infection, then gangrene, and the wound remained open for a long time.  Recently I enrolled into a vascular surgery clinic and underwent revascularization there. The doctors there dressed my foot ulcer with Winvivo ointment. A week later when the dressing was changed at the clinic, the nurse was stunned to find that the wound bed was already half-filled w/ granulation tissue.  They dressed me again w/ Winvivo, and asked me to come back 3 days later.  So I went back there after 3 days and they found that my ulcer was completely healed!  The whole office went crazy! Thank you, Winvivo, for developing such an amazing product!


—Patient Anonymous





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