Athlete's Foot

I am pretty athletic and continue to play basketball even in my late 40’s. For the longest time I’ve got an athlete's foot problem. I tried every commercially available foot fungus and athlete's foot treatment. None worked. My small toes overlap the pad of my foot, so that area never sees light or gets much air. I recently got some WinVivo Healing Balm to try. They said that it was broad-spectrum antimicrobial, and that it was all natural. I thought to myself, “why not trying it on my foot?” When I put it on, I started feeling some kind of "action" – it seemed that blood was rushing to the area, so I knew it was working.  For 5 days I cleaned the area and reapplied the goop every day. The stuff is brown, so after I put it on, I wore a sock. After 5 days, I washed my foot, checked the area, and found no sign of athlete's foot.  The other athlete’s foot medications insist on a 10-day regimen. This product seems to work effectively and rapidly.  WinVivo, I know your product can help heal very serious wounds, but I had to let you know that your balm really solved my “smelly” problem. As far as I'm concerned, I'll never bother using other athlete's foot therapy.


—Daniel A.


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