Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)


As a key ingredient included in our product Botano Throat™
, loquat (Eriobotrya japonica), also known as Japanese plum, is an evergreen large shrub or small tree, with a rounded crown, short trunk and woolly new twigs. Loquat fruits, growing in clusters, are oval, rounded or pear-shaped, 3-5 cm long, with a smooth or downy, yellow or orange, sometimes red-blushed skin. The succulent, tangy flesh is white, yellow or orange and sweet to subacid or acid, depending on the cultivar.

Traditional Uses of Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica)

  • Loquat (Japanese plum) is a fruit of Southeastern Chinese origin. It was
    introduced into Japan and became naturalized there in very early times, and has been cultivated there for
    over 1,000 years. It has also become naturalized in India, the whole Mediterranean Basin and many other
    areas in the world, including the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Loquat syrup (often combined with honey) is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for soothing the throat
    like a cough drop. Extract of leaves, combined with other ingredients (such as extract of fritillaria bulbs)
    known as pipa gao (literally "loquat paste"), acts as a demulcent and an expectorant, as well as
    to soothe the digestive and respiratory systems.

Modern Research - Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) 

  • The loquat fruit is low in saturated fat and sodium, and is high in vitamin A, dietary fiber, vitamin B6,
    potassium and manganese.

WinVivo uses Loquat in products that address the following Health Concern:

Articles about this botanical

Anti-Inflammatory Effects on Animal Models for Chronic Bronchitis (Loquat)

This study was designed to investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of Triterpenoic Acids from Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. (TAL) on chronic bronchitis (CB) in rats.

Anti-Inflammatory Effect (Loquat)

Mast cell-mediated allergic inflammation is involved in many diseases such as asthma and sinusitis.

Suppression of Pulmonary Inflammation (Loquat)

Leaf of Eriobotrya japonica (Pi-Pa-Ye, PPY), a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of pulmonary inflammatory diseases, was capable of suppressing LPS-induced cytokine productions in a dose-dependent manner.

Product containing this botanical

Botano Throat

Stop your cough and give your throat a chance to heal.  Botano Throat sugar-free lozenges quickly and effectively relieve cough and then help heal the throat by suppressing bronchial inflammation.


Dissolves Mucus/Phlegm

Repairs Inflamed Throat

Synergy for Faster Relief
of Lung Inflammation
Naturally Anti-Microbial

Naturally Anti-inflammatory
Desensitizes the Body to Allergens

Synergy for Faster Relief of Inflammation

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